The MISSION of the Administrative Services Department is to provide professional support to City Management for making fiscal and organizational decisions necessary to plan and implement the optimum use of City resources, and provide external stakeholders with reports that demonstrate fiscal accountability in accordance with United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Summary of Services
Reporting to the City Manager, the Administrative Services Department serves the Mayor and Council and City Management Team as Financial Manager, Budget Officer, and Accounting Manager.

Specifically, the Administrative Services Department is responsible for maintenance of the general ledger accounting system; preparation of financial studies; Official Statements and special reports, control and investment of cash; maintenance of fixed asset records; debt management; payroll; financing; project maintenance and accounting; special projects, (i.e. franchise fee compliance and public service utility tax analysis); budget preparation, monitoring and maintenance; revenue collection and billings; and grant administration.

At year-end, this department prepares the City's annual financial statements for audit by the City's Independent Certified Public Accountants and publishes the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

The responsibilities of the Administrative Services department are distributed among the following functions: Accounting and Auditing, Accounts Payable, Budget, Payroll, and Grant Administration.

Accounting and Auditing
Includes debt management and capital financing, financial reporting, treasury services, inventory management, and Fixed Asset Management.

Accounts Payable
Processes vendor payments weekly and mails check to the vendors' address each Friday morning. All inquiries vendors regarding payment status should be directed to Kim Maison

Provides Council and management staff of departments with timely and objective advices and information to ensure both the financial integrity of the City and the optimal balance between efficient and effective service levels, levels of taxation, and user fees. Contact Ken Killgore.

Process the City payroll for approximately 200 employees. Prepare and distribute paychecks as well as ensuring the accuracy of same. Handles inquires from and provides information to employees with respect to their paychecks. Contact Jennifer Smith

Grant Administration and Accounting
The Administrative Services Department is responsible for overseeing compliance and requesting all reimbursements associated with Grants awarded to the City of Sebastian due to natural disaster. Current Grants list is available in a PDF format.