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EDodd webEd Dodd

(Current Term 2018-2020)

Contact Information:

Ed and his wife, Denise, moved to Sebastian in 2001. After a week-end visit with his brother, they decided this was the place they wanted to spend their retirement. Ed is a Vietnam veteran. He has a BS in Business Management degree from West Virginia State University. He worked in business and technology consulting for over 30 years. Prior to his retirement he was President and CEO of a health insurance technology firm.

Ed started his city involvement as a member of the Code Enforcement Board, serving as chair for two years. He also served on the Charter Review Committee. He has been a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission for the past six years, serving as the Chair for three years.

Serving on these boards, committees and commissions has given Ed a unique view into the working of the city government, which has provided him a great understanding of the complex rules and regulations facing the city staff as they strive to provide assistance to the community.

In addition to serving on the City Council, Ed is a member of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council.

Ed's priorities for the next two years are:

  • Indian River Lagoon cleanup,
  • Review of city codes to eliminate or simplify them where possible,
  • Simplification of the process to open new businesses within the city,
  • Septic to sewer conversion, and
  • Control of city spending.

Ed is always open to citizen input and questions. If you have a question please call.

Charles Mauti ImageCharles M. Mauti
Vice Mayor

(Current Term 2019-2021)

Contact Information:

Background Information

Charles has knowledge and experiences in all phases of the construction industry and land development.  He brings over forty-years’ experience in all aspects of the construction industry, including, but not limited to, general residential, commercial and industrial construction.  He has had broad-based management/supervisory responsibilities and duties from the design and cost-estimate for new construction, retrofit and restoration
to the full complement of responsibilities of a Municipal-Code Building-Zoning Official.  Further, he has provided cost analyses estimations, review for construction value for new construction and retro fit/re-construction modifications of existing structures.  His experiences also include review of architectural plans and structural specifications, and contract administration for code compliance, as well as the interpretation of zoning ordinances for permitted and compliant uses for application to a zoning board of review for special use permits and other alternative zoning considerations.  These aspects of his professional career have been on-going for over 30 years.

He can work from a collaborative base to advise, develop and support goal-oriented growth and development, as well as to act as a resource for construction and/or code compliance issues.  Charles is able to advocate for both the individual and the community with respect to highest-best use, solving problems, finding collaborative solutions, and mitigating errors and damages.

He has been called as a consult and advisor by several law firms and by private individuals to assist in their cases involving property loss, personal injury, construction/building code compliance, construction deficit litigation, and structural and component failures.  

Charles is knowledgeable about all phases of construction and development, as well as land use and comprehensive planning.  Further, he has been integrally involved in the development and maintenance of a residential water system for a small, desert community.  The full complement of his responsibilities included the management of the daily operations of the entire water system including all integral wells and storage tanks.  He also had the supervisory responsibilities for directing the staff in the regular maintenance and implementation of modifications and improvements to the system, as well as all new construction needed for extensions and expansions to the system. 

From a professional perspective, Charles is self-disciplined, goal oriented, knowledgeable, creative and efficient with well-developed skills in problem-solving, strategic planning, leadership, relationship building, needs assessment, and organization 

From a personal perspective, Charles has strong interpersonal skills, effective writing skills and a belief in the value of broad-based, collaborative partnerships focused on shared goals and objectives.

Education and Credentials

C.W. Post College, Westbury, New York
1968-1970: courses in General Business and Criminal Justice

DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
1970-1971: courses in Business Management

Cochise College, Douglas, Arizona
1977-1978: courses in Construction Technology for Commercial/Municipal Water Distribution Systems and Wells,

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
1982: International Conference of Building Officials
Plans Examination Training Coursework

University of Rhode Island Continuing Education CEUs
Providence Satellite Campuses, Rhode Island: 1997 – 2007

Continued on-going professional development training seminars and workshops for sustained IRC and IBC training and CEU credits

Independent Study: 
Examination and exploration of selected topics, including building pathology and failures, concrete building pathology, fire safety   

Trade Union: Carpenters’ Local #1093, New York (inactive)

Military Service: U.S. Army, 1964-1967, Honorable Discharge

Certifications Earned and Held:  
Rhode Island State Building Official (inactive)
Building Official Code Administrator (BOCA, inactive)
Electrical Fire Investigation (inactive)
Commercial General Inspector, Tucson Arizona (inactive)
Scuba Diving Certificate (inactive)

Personal Interests, Hobbies and Accomplishments

Charles enjoys, reading (history and biographies are his favorite topics), modifying and restoring “muscle cars”, scuba-diving and fishing.  His favorite challenges are the restoration of period-styled homes, re-creating each one’s unique architectural details, characteristics and beauty, from a Spanish Colonial in Tucson, Arizona to the full restoration and remodel of a Second-Empire, Italianate home (built in 1870) which took about ten (10) years to complete.  It was almost four (4) thousand square feet, having four (4) stories from the back of the house, with three (3) stories from the front of the house.  The third floor was the servants’ quarters. 

He currently is involved in the restoration of a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 to highlight its uniqueness and special characteristics, and he especially enjoys driving his classic 1986 Saab 900 turbo convertible.

Damien Gilliams ImageDamien H. GilliamsCouncil Member

(Current Term: 2020-2021)

Contact Information:


I was born in New York City (Manhattan) on August 1, 1960 and due to my mother's serious illness, and other mitigating circumstances, I was placed in an orphanage (Joseph P. Kennedy Home) at the age of five
where I was raised with five of my sevenbrothers and sisters for ten years before being relocated to a group home in the Bronx from age 15 to age 18 where I completed high school.

I then attended the University of New York at Buffalo (UB) for one year as a Business Major, but lack of funds led me to seek employment as a groomer of harness racing horses at Yonkers Raceway.
I then took a job in the mailroom at American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and worked my way up to Network Operations, where they sent me to night school to get my Technical Certificate for Broadcast Engineering, and a position on the production crews for World News Tonight, 2020, Nightline, ABC TV's College Football and numerous others.

I relocated to Sebastian in 1982 and initially worked as an independent commercial clammer in the Indian River Lagoon. Various other employment opportunities presented themselves and I quickly and successfully established myself in several other fields of endeavor.

In 1986 I married the love of my life, Bonnie Fey, also formerly from New York City, and we settled in to make Sebastian our permanent home and quickly embarked on building a solid foundation here for ourselves and our future family. Shortly thereafter, we opened B+D International Models and were associate producers of our first film "Sunstroke USA". Simultaneously, we both went on to get our Real Estate Broker licenses in 1987 and partnered with Broker/Owner Greg R. Galien at Mid-Florida Real Estate, Inc./ ERA which we later acquired and continue to operate to this day. We then later acquired or established multiple other local businesses and currently own and operate Sharky's Draft House, aka No Name Sports Bar, among others.

Our family grew by three and we are the extremely proud parents of Damien Lee Gilliams (1992), Casey Marie Gilliams (1994) and Emerick Lance Gilliams (2000), all of whom were outstanding honor students in high school and who, one after the other, eagerly sought their higher education at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Damien graduated with a BS Degree in 2015 and has since launched a successful engineering business. Casey graduated with a BS Degree in 2017 and is currently attending Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado seeking a Masters Degree in Material Science. Emerick is currently enrolled in the University of Florida Class of 2022 and is seeking a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering. Having successfully nurtured and launched each of our children from their now empty nest toward promising and productive careers, I have all the time necessary to devote laser-focused attention to my responsibilities as a City Council member.

I love Sebastian and am passionate about my responsibility for safeguarding it from any lack of public safety, security and well-being, malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect, waste, boondoggles, excessive taxes, over-or-inappropriate development and environmental degradation effecting our current and continuing quality of life and our ability to fully enjoy the many blessing that we share here in our little slice of Paradise, but also protecting and preserving it for future generations.

Participating in important community activities of all types and sizes, giving back and paying forward has always been a top priority. We are all truly enriches as a result of them. I am currently President of the Sebastian Property Owners Association (SPOA), an active member of the Elks Lodge, have sponsored and coached various Little League and Youth Basketball teams, am a frequent volunteer on various community events, attended and received certification from the Sebastian Citizens Police Academy and was appointed as a Special Deputy under the administration of former Sheriff Wheeler, to name just a few.

Over the past 35 years I have rarely missed a City Council meeting and while in attendance have taken many trips to the public lectern to express my views on important matters before the Council, both pro and con. I encourage every resident to attend meetings whenever possible and express their strongly held views on matters that affect not just them personally, but also the community at large. I call it "Speak Up Sebastian" and strongly encourage everyone to let their voices be heard, loud and clear. Don't let your silence be deafening and then loudly complain because you are unhappy with the results and the way things were handled. We are all in this life together, so get involved and stay involved to ensure that our community stays on a positive path forward.

I am thoroughly familiar with the inner workings of all the departments and operations of the City of Sebastian having spent these many years not just attending meetings, but also participating in various workshops and serving in many different capacities (i.e., former Chairman of the Sebastian Code Enforcement Board, former Community Redevelopment Association Board Member, former Member of the Waterfront Study Committee, etc.).


I ran for Sebastian City Council as "The People's Candidate" to fairly and equitably represent "We The People", "All The People" of Sebastian, "All The Time", residents and business owners alike, without regard to their station or status, and ensure that everyone's voice, both individually and collectively, will always be heard and heeded in an open, honest and straightforward approach to local community governance.

It will never be about me. It will always be about YOU individually and US collectively. By diligently working for and with each of you in a common sense, environmentally correct, carefully planned, developed and executed manner, we will not just let things happen, we will make things happen. And that includes providing 24-hour maximum safety and security, abundant recreational amenities and sporting possibilities, top notch K-12, continuing education and vocational training possibilities. All of that and more in a fiscally responsible, economically feasible, business friendly environment with good paying employment opportunities and a special focus on citizen volunteer participation, plus addressing general health and welfare issues and charitable care concerns for all. What I envision and fully intend to advocate will benefit everyone living in, working in, visiting or just passing through our wonderful community ... a shining example of excellence to the rest of our state and nation.

It can never be about political partisanship, personal preferences or financial enrichment. It must always be about initiating, facilitating, enhancing and preserving the collective good of our wonderful small community for the benefit of everyone who fortunately is blessed to calls Sebastian their home.

My approach to and philosophy regarding governance are very simple and straightforward. They are:

1. Create a level playing field where the same rules apply to everyone in our community, without regard to any external circumstances or social status considerations. You should always expect to be treated with reciprocal courtesy and respect, your wants and needs handled in a timely manner with

the obvious and appropriate sense of urgency required, and any costs incurred should be at the City's standard published rate for the services rendered, without exception.

2. Civility, comity and mutual respect will be my hallmark as a Council Member and my long term approach to getting things done, but going along to get along will never be acceptable. Although right is might, I will first attempt to build a solid consensus, but if that is not possible, as your duly elected representative and advocate, I will act alone and fight for whatever initial or corrective actions are prudent and necessary to ensure that your ship of state does not veer wildly off of an environmentally sensible and fiscally responsible course, run aground because of inept/ misguided / irresponsible / self-serving guidance at the wheel, or sink in the resulting stormy seas.

3. Continually repeat 1. and 2.

My platform was straightforward and has 10 fundamental common sense planks:

1. Providing unbiased and forthright public service at a bare minimum or no cost to the taxpayers.
2. Perpetual stewardship in preserving and protecting our little slice of paradise here in Sebastian.
3. Truly representative government where every responsible voice is heard, considered and valued.
4. Maximum public safety and security, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, without exception.
5. Protecting our fragile environment/ ecosystem to affect the best possible quality of life for all.
6. Maintaining the lowest tax rate feasible while providing the highest public services possible.
7. Not just maintaining, but continually upgrading our infrastructure, parks and other public places.
8. Developing all of our economic possibilities and creating outstanding employment opportunities.
9. Continually promoting the unsurpassed beauty, tranquility and majesty of Sebastian to the world.

And in doing the first 9, ensuring that we can pass on to our children a more precious legacy than we ourselves have been entrusted with.

web-2012-JimHillJim Hill
Council Member

(current term 2018-2020)

Contact Information:
(772) 217-7603

Council Member Hill’s career in local government politics started as a member of the City of Sebastian Charter Review Committee in 1999. He ran for Sebastian City Council in 2000 and was elected to a two year term. Jim ran again in 2002 and was re-elected to another two year term, serving as Vice Mayor from 2002 to 2003. He did not seek re-election in 2004 but rather decided to seek a seat on the Indian River County Commission, and though unsuccessful, it demonstrated his growing aspiration for public service.

Jim once again ran for Sebastian City Council in 2008 and was elected to a two year term and then was re-elected in 2010. He served as Vice Mayor from 2008 to 2010 and was the Mayor of the City of Sebastian from 2010 - 2011.

During his time on Sebastian City Council, Council Member Hill has served as a member of the Indian River County Elected Officials Oversight Committee for School Concurrency, Indian River County Tourist Development Council, Indian River County Beach and Shores Preservation Committee, Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, and Metropolitan Planning Organization and meets with the members of the other Indian River County municipalities on a regular basis on issues affecting all of them.

He is the owner of Innovative Drain Technologies, serving the golf industry throughout the southeastern United States.

He loves his home town, the City of Sebastian, and keeps a positive slant in his duties as a Council Member. He is often heard describing his love of the place by calling it “fantastic” and expressing his hope for its future and the futures of its children


Pamela Parris ImagePamela Parris
Council Member

(Current Term 2019-2021)

Contact Information:

 Pamela R. Parris was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the youngest of six siblings, daughter of WWII Marine Sergeant and undercover narcotics police offer Joe Parris and mother Marian Parris.

She is the proud mother of daughter Jocelyn Durrant and son Jared Rapp. And has stayed well engaged in her community as a Sebastian citizen since the family arrived in 1987.
Receiving awards for commitment from Junior Achievement to the local Chambers of Commerce. She is a professional Real Estate agent and community advocate.
Active in the support of many local non-profits, and numerous committees.

Pam holds an AA in Business Management and several certificates including child development and marketing. She is past director of business development for the Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce and has worked in marketing and advertising a great part of her career. Instrumental in her political involvement included are campaigns for several city and state officers.

“Sebastian is truly home, and I will extend my loyalty and dedication to the city with the same high standards of public service as I do my business ethic and God and family belief systems,” is her personal job description.

Pam is past Vice President of the Sebastian Property Owners Association where she participated in the home owner’s desires and concerns. She is an environmentalist, concerned in managing city development and preserving the unadulterated and magnificent ecosystem that is the heart of our home, the Indian River Lagoon. Low density building development is a priority as well. This will cooperatively maintain our property values, as many invest their retirement here. She is also a past Sebastian Construction Board member.

It is exciting to have our community better involved in city projects and progress as Sebastian grows.

Her plans are to create and administer more citizens committees and workshops. Create a healthy county relationship. Welcome and support small local business. Update and enforce City regulations. Advance septic to sewer conversion. Partner with environmental groups for input. Regard transparency highly on legislative levels.

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