Public Works & Engineering Home

 The Department includes the following divisions:
  • Stormwater Utility
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Traffic Control
  • Engineering

The Divisions handle various maintenance repairs ranging from roads, potholes, sidewalk, tree trimming, drainage, docks, piers, signage and striping. The department also includes the city’s engineering, construction inspections, stormwater utilities, water quality testing (not drinking water or wastewater), and environmental services. Also in the Public Works Department, you will find the Cemetery Division. This Division handles all maintenance and repairs at the Cemetery, burials, and lot sales, etc.


Stormwater Utility - The City’s Stormwater Utility operates and maintains the extensive stormwater collection and treatment system of swales, ditches, culverts, catch basins, baffle boxes and the 8.15 mile Elkcam Canal/Collier Creek Canal.
Each homeowner is responsible for mowing and cleaning their own front yard swale and driveway culvert and in the few cases where the homeowner has a side yard swale. 



6 Year Project Plan All Years compressed 






  City of Sebastian's new paving programs and maps can be found here

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