I appreciate everyone coming out here today at such short notice. As the Mayor of the City of Sebastian, I have prepared this statement which I will make available to the media and public. I will refrain from taking questions at the conclusion of this meeting. Yesterday around 3:20 PM, the City Manager Paul Carlisle, based on a consensus of the City Council and the authority granted to him by the Declaration of Local State of Emergency, postponed the April 22, 2020 Meeting due to Covid 19 concerns and the inability of public to attend due to the current stay-at- home measures in place. Later on that evening, and after City Hall was closed, 3 members of the Council made their way into City Hall and City Chamber, locked the doors behind them, and held an illegal meeting in violation of the Sunshine Law and city charter. That meeting was not authorized or properly noticed, and members of the public were prevented from entering the chambers and from participating. Any and all action supposedly taken at this secret meeting is void as a matter of law.

At this point, in spite of the actions of these three council members, I remain the City Mayor of the City of Sebastian. We will be vigorously pursuing all legal remedies available against these three individuals.

The state attorneys' office is conducting a criminal investigation as well. As more develops, I will notify the media as to a date and time of our next press conference. Please note that over the next few hours you may hear press statements from the three individuals who were involved in the secret meeting. Please know that any information from them concerning a new mayor or any other official is likely false. Thank you.

Link to PDF of Press Release


2020 Parks Closures

Effective immediately the Yacht Club, Community Center, Art Center, Splash Pad, and Senior Center will be closed until further notice.
This includes any classes, rentals, or special events that were scheduled at these facilities. Anyone with questions regarding future events or facility uses can contact Brian Benton at or by calling 772-228-7054


The City is monitoring the COVID-19 / Coronavirus and working with the County Administration and the State and County Health Departments to keep you informed.

We encourage everyone to follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines for personal hygiene to help avoid catching viruses. Please click on the link below for more information.

Meter Replacement Program

Indian River County Department of Utility Services has begun a project to replace existing manual read meters with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) meters.
The new meters being installed are read automatically using radio transmitters attached to the meter. Access to your home or business is NOT required. All meters are located in the meter box that services your property. Click here to learn more about the project

Oyster Flyer


 clip_image006_0000cat silhouette

Information on dogs, cats and livestock
within the city limits of Sebastian


  • Dogs must be kept on a leash not more than six (6) feet in length when walked. A leash may be a cord, rope, or chain which holds an animal under restraint. (Indian River County Ordinance Sec. 302.02 A.19; Florida Statute 943.10)

  • It is a law that feces must be promptly removed from public walks, rights-of-way, park or recreation areas or other public property, or from private property not belonging to the owner of the pet. (Indian River County Ordinance Sec. 302.05 (A)(3)(a))

  • The City of Sebastian does allow no more than two (2) fowl may be kept on a single lot. (Fowl means all types of chickens, ducks, turkeys or similar birds.) The city does not allow for the keeping of pigeons. (City of Sebastian Ordinance Sec. 18-29)

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, maintain, pen or feed livestock or nondomesticated animals within the city. The exception to this is that one pure-bred potbellied pig may be kept, maintained, penned or fed at a residence which is utilized primarily as a residence by at least one person. (City of Sebastian Ordinance Sec. 18-31 (a), (b))

  • Information pertaining to the rules of animals can be found in the City of Sebastian Code of Ordinances Section 18 and the Indian River County Code of Ordinances Section 302.

On June 9, 2010, the Sebastian City Council enacted Ordinance
O-10-03 relating to Pain Clinics and Pain Management Clinics.

PDF Copy of Courtesy Notice Relating To Pain Clinics or Pain Management Clinics

Link to Ordinance in Public Records







1900 27TH STREET

The Parks and Recreation Committee of the City of Sebastian is looking to start an ADOPT A PARK program. If you live near a neighborhood park and would like to keep watch over it, letting the committee know when there are safety concerns, problems or other amenities that the park may need, please contact the Parks and Recreation Committee by attending their meetings on the fourth Monday of every month.


City Rules Relative to Dogs in Parks

Dogs are permitted in all City parks EXCEPT parks and facilities set out below:

clip_image009 Barber Street Sports Complex

clip_image009 Friendship Park

clip_image009 Schumann Tennis Courts

clip_image009 All docks and piers

clip_image009 During any special events conducted in parks where large crowds are expected such as 4 th of July, Clambake, Art & Music, Craft or Art Shows, festivals, concerts in the park, etc.

Dogs must be on a leash of six feet or less

The City will be installing additional cleanup stations. We urge you to keep Sebastian clean by picking up after your dog so we can continue to permit dogs to visit our City parks.

Sebastian Police Department
1201 Main Street
Sebastian, Florida, 32958
772-589-5233 Fax 772-388 1872


Motorscooters and go-peds are not considered motorcycles, however when driven on the streets or roadways a driver's license is required of the operator. In addition to a driver's license, a child under the age of 16 years must wear a helmet. The motorized vehicles may not be operated on sidewalks or bike paths.

In an effort to prevent the serious injuries and fatalities that we have seen on the news media from occurring in Sebastian, police officers have been instructed to verbally warn and inform youngsters in regard to scooter riding. We are doing this out of concern for the children who are unfamiliar with the dangers of the roadways.

Beginning March 1st officers will begin stricter enforcement by impounding illegally operated scooters and citing unlicensed operators.

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